Saturday, 29 November 2014

Christmas Decorating Done

I have been busy decorating for Christmas this week. I started Thursday night switching out regular dishes with Christmas dishes and carrying all the bins of Christmas stuff upstairs to the dining room. Friday night, I unpacked the bins and arranged our Christmas decorations then carried all the empty bins back to the basement. 

My Saturday morning cappuccino is served in a Christmas mug of course. The book is used for checking off rows as I crochet toys. I like to keep my colourful button jar on display as you never know when a button might be needed.
I love this colourful crochet snowflake banner made from a pattern by Attic24 found here and a tin snowman. This is the view from my crochet corner on the sofa.
I like to display a jar full of colourful yarn ends and bowls of yarn balls on our mantle. I think it's fun and appropriate considering my passion for everything crochet. 
Crochet dolls adorn our mantle too. I plan to make more once my Christmas Decorating is Done.
Last year I made this crochet striped stocking using a free pattern by blogger Yvestown found here. It provides a perfect place for my little crochet mouse to hang out. We also have a whole family of snowmen sitting in front of the window by the fireplace. I love to see them there.
A couple years ago, I crocheted a pretty edge around some of my favourite Christmas cards. They make a nice display hung with clothespins to some twine along our railing wrapped in Christmas lights.
I also added Christmas knickknacks to our hall  cabinet. The cute little snowman was a gift from our daughter many years ago. The little Christmas tree is a music box. 
I have hung crochet stars and a little snowman on the wreath in our dining room. The snowman was made using this pattern by the Dapper Toad and the stars from a free pattern found here on Ravelry.
Today my husband carried our Christmas tree up from the basement. We store it in the original box which is held together with a big yellow strap. Over the years, we have set up the tree in different rooms. The living room and the family room were both popular spots but last year, I put it in the hallway and loved it. We see it every time we walk by and it's across from the dining room which is perfect for Christmas.
I spent a couple hours assembling the tree and decorating it today. I couldn't help but notice some of the branches have broken and/or sagged over the past 20+ years but it's amazing what lights, beads, bows and ornaments do for a tired old tree. Doesn't it look great?
I think the new crochet tree skirt fits in perfectly too. Remember it from this post? This is a meo my crochet original pattern and it's free if you would like to make one too.

I've taken a few more photos to share. I hope you enjoy our simple Christmas decorating. I love the memories stirred by all our ornaments collected over the years. 

This angel was purchased in the after Christmas sales from a little store on Bayview in Toronto where we lived when we first got our tree.
So many homemade and gifted ornaments added to our collection over the years.
This old wooden sled fits nicely under our tree and the singing Christmas monkey is a fun addition.
Crochet skates I've had for years (not made by me) and an ornament made by our daughter many years ago. This year she will be in Brazil visiting her husband's family and enjoying a different kind of Christmas on the beach.
Three things of note here; a crochet star (made by me), an ornament my husband brought back from Germany and a very cute snowman our son gave us for Christmas 2007. Did I mention I love snowmen?
And this is the view from upstairs. I think our Christmas Decorating is Done. I hope you enjoyed the tour.
Our poodle spent the morning waiting patiently and comfortably on the back of our sofa. All the moving and rearranging is unsettling for her so I think she is very happy Christmas Decorating is Done.

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