Monday, 17 November 2014

Mini Ripple Blanket for Dolls

I made a Mini Ripple Blanket for Dolls using yarn left over from my Cosmic Rays RippleSo what do you think? Doesn't it look amazing? 
I got my inspiration to make a doll blanket from blogger Lucy at Attic24 when I found photos of her doll blanket ripple here. Since Lucy didn't post a pattern, I followed her regular ripple blanket instructions but changed colour each row instead of every other row. I think the scale of one row colour stripes looks better on a doll sized blanket. 

It looks like Lucy made her ripples a little tighter using a 10 count repeat instead of 14. I might try that next time as I think it will look even better with mini ripples. 
Still I think it looks great and my current toys are pleased to pose upon it. If you're looking for a quick easy project, this one is perfect. I didn't time my efforts but I can tell you I started Friday and finished Sunday night. I estimate it took about 8 hours to finish. Although the rows are short, there are a lot of colour changes. 

I stopped to weave in the ends before finishing the final row. With 35 rows and a 3-round border, there are a LoT oF YaRn EnDs... 81 in total. 
With the ends out of the way, I worked the last row then turned and continued down the left side before finishing off which eliminated one join.  

Starting Chain - 59 (14x4+3)
Finished Size - 16" x 20.5"
1 row per stripe (all worked right to left for right-handed crocheters)
35 stripes
13 colours (left over from Cosmic Rays Ripple)
Time to Complete - Approximately 8 hrs
Hook size - 5 mm

I love this image showing my Mini Ripple Blanket cross ways on top of my Cosmic Rays Ripple. Lucy snapped a similar shot of her doll blanket and I thought it looked mesmerizingly perfect.
The colour stripes used for my Mini Ripple Blanket as shown in the image above from right to left are listed below. 
  1. Fern
  2. Lavendar
  3. Beige
  4. Teal
  5. Crimson
  6. Sage
  7. Goldenrod
  8. Medium Teal
  9. Silk
  10. Grey Mist Heather
  11. Sandstone
  12. Sapphire
  13. Mai Tai
  14. Medium Teal
  15. Silk
  16. Beige
  17. Crimson
  18. Goldenrod
  19. Sage
  20. Fern
  21. Grey Mist Heather
  22. Teal
  23. Mai Tai
  24. Crimson
  25. Silk
  26. Sandstone
  27. Sapphire
  28. Lavendar
  29. Medium Teal
  30. Silk
  31. Grey Mist Heather
  32. Sage
  33. Goldenrod
  34. Medium Teal
  35. Fern
Round 1: Fern
Round 2: Mai Tai
Round 3: Teal

I am more than pleased with my Ripple Blanket for Dolls and plan to make another but first I want to try a new pattern. I was so excited to find this doll pattern by Tracey MacIntyre offered for free last week. It's called "Doll in Bear Hoodie" and can be found hereAs you can see, I'm ready to start and will be sure to share photos once I finish. 
I should also mention, I finally started prepping for our bike tour. My husband and I did an intense one hour session on our trainers yesterday. It was challenging but felt good. I've been trying to come up with a way to fit in training without taking too much time away from crochet. I think I've come up with a great idea.

We like to watch a TV series in the evening for an hour and we're currently watching Reign. I suggested we ride our trainers while watching our series instead of sitting on the sofa and snacking. Let's hope he likes my idea. It's sure to be fun and oh so good for us.

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  1. I'm sure Evelyn will love all these doll creations Beth but I miss Sadie in the picture.

    1. Thanks. I took a photo of Sadie but the lighting was too low to show her off well so I didn't include it in the post.

  2. My daughter is graduating from elem. school I plan to make the dolls - in bear hoodies for her class.