Sunday, 23 November 2014

Meet Miss Izzy

Meet Miss Izzy my newest crochet doll. Isn't she cute with her fluffy, frizzy braids and big grin?

Miss Izzy is my second crochet doll made using the same free pattern referenced in this post. I love how changing colours, hair and facial features make a new and different looking little doll. I also love that Izzy and Violet are already enjoying hanging out together. I can tell they are going to be great friends.
I think I need to make a boy doll next. I'll make him in bold colours with short hair, omit the ruffle on the hoodie and perhaps add bear ears. I'm really getting into this doll-making thing.

My favourite part is seeing the finished doll and naming it before taking a few photos to share. These silly photos make me smile. I really do enjoy the whole process and hope they add a wee bit of happiness to your day too. Keep on smiling and have a truly great week.

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