Sunday, 9 November 2014

Blanket Making Progress

My blanket making progress is impressive but then I am totally obsessive about it. Every night I come home, walk the dog and settle down to crochet. I barely stop to make dinner. My meal of choice while crocheting is nachos with melted cheese. Anything quick and easy so I can get back to work. I also love my little creation corner in our family room by the fireplace. It's oh so cozy.
I spread out my Cosmic Rays Ripple Blanket for measuring. You can read about my blanket beginning and naming here. In just one week, it has grown considerably measuring approximately 160 cm square with 54 of 84 stripes completed using worsted weight yarn. I am following this tutorial posted by blogger Lucy at Attic 24. Her blankets are made using lighter DK yarns which produce a finished size of 110 cm x 170 cm with a starting chain of 213. 
I started with 15 - 100 g balls of yarn but bought more of each colour to ensure I have enough. Doesn't it look amazing on our sofa? 
As always our poodle approves and looks forward to the day she can cuddle properly on this soft sofa blanket. 
People often ask why I don't sell my creations. Considering each ball of yarn costs approximately $4 including tax, I estimate this blanket will cost about $120 to make (30 balls x $4 each). Would anybody be willing to pay even that much without considering the cost of labour? 

I am making this big, bright beautiful blanket for ME and I do LoVe the look. So yes, I think it's worth the cost, time and effort. Would I make it to sell and make little to no money for my time? Somehow that idea has little to no appeal. Surely this is a common dilemma for crafters. 

My crochet is my creative outlet and I truly LoVe that. I LoVe to watch the colours ripple along together. I LoVe to watch my Cosmic Rays Ripple Blanket Making Progress.

I'll be sure to share photos with a listing of the stripe colours when I'm done. Hopefully soon so I can get serious about training for our 2-week bike tour in Cuba booked for January 24th. I love biking but right now my blanket calls so I choose to crochet.

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  1. It looks beautiful Beth and of course pretty Sadie makes it look even nicer.

    1. Thanks Mom. I agree, the blanket complements Sadie perfectly.

  2. Don't complete it too quickly, otherwise you will have nothing left to do during the cold winter evenings except ride your trainer!! (haha)

    1. Yes but that's what I should be doing so I can truly enjoy our tour in Cuba.