Wednesday, 26 November 2014

More Crochet Toys

This week I made two more crochet toys; another doll and an owl.

Meet Bobby. I used the same pattern detailed in this post but altered the hair and colours to make a little boy and this time I added bear ears to the hoodie. I was inspired by seeing a photo of our grandson trying on his baby sister's snowsuit with bunny ears.
With three dolls done, I decided to make an owl just for a change of pace. I followed a free pattern by blogger isitatoy found here with a few changes. I embroidered the beak and eyes, added tufts on the ears and did the body in one colour with a few "feathers" embroidered on the tummy. I think it's a pretty purple owl and perfectly safe for little ones.
My three dolls are very happy together. VIolet, Bobby and Izzy smile for the camera but Bobby is distracted by the bike. I think he'd like a turn.
My pretty purple owl tries to hide and blend in with other purple things.
I manage to convince the whole gang to pose nicely for this group shot. They're a colourful bunch of crochet cuties.
It's been a productive week so far at meo my crochet but I think I will take a break and start decorating for Christmas. It'll be fun even if it does take me away from crochet for a bit.

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  1. Beth, these dolls are adorable. I think you could make photo books with the various characters and their expressions! The purple owl looks both wise and somewhat tired of the kids' hijinks! Enjoy your Christmas decorating! We leave ours until the first of December.

    1. Thanks Elizabeth. A photo book sounds like fun. It might require more props and characters and even more creative energy .... or I could just leave it to the kids to come up with daily creative story play once they get their hands on the dolls. Happy decorating to you too. Dec 1st is fast approaching.

  2. Elizabeth is right Beth maybe you should start doing children's books you are so very talented.