Sunday, 2 November 2014

Naming My Project

This weekend I am so excited to finally be working on my bright bold ripple blanket. I spent Friday evening and Saturday morning winding all the yarn into balls. It takes time but is so worth the effort. 
Working with a tangle-free ball of yarn in a yarn bowl is pure pleasure. You can see my yarn bowl peaking out from under the start of my ripple blanket. It takes me 15 minutes to complete just one row, so 30 minutes per colour. Seven stripes done with 77 more to go. I am following a tutorial posted by blogger Lucy at Attic 24. You can find it here if you would like to make one too. 
I love the colours and names Lucy selected for her ripple blankets. I have chosen a different mix of bold, beautiful colours for my blanket and wanted to name it appropriately. After much thought and a few rows in, I've come up with Cosmic Rays Ripple Blanket. These images found searching the word "cosmic" incorporate all my yarn colours and were my inspiration. 
I think the name is perfect. As this blanket grows, row by bright row, I can definitely visualize cosmic rays. Do you see what I mean?
I am using a mixture of 100% acrylic worsted weight yarns as listed below (left to right starting with top row):
  1. Bernat Satin (fern)
  2. Deborah Norville Everyday Soft Worsted (aubergine)
  3. Red Heart Soft Touch (beige)
  4. Bernat Satin (sapphire)
  5. Bernat Satin (mai tai)
  6. Bernat Satin (goldenrod)
  7. Bernat Satin (silk)
  8. Bernat Satin (sandstone)
  9. Bernat Satin (teal)
  10. Bernat Satin (sage)
  11. Bernat Satin (crimson)
  12. Patons Canadiana (pale grey mix)
  13. Bernat Satin (grey mist heather)
  14. Patons Canadiana (medium teal)
  15. Bernat Satin (lavendar)
Wow, 15 beautiful colours randomly arranged for this ripple blanket. I can hardly wait to see how my Cosmic Rays Ripple Blanket turns out. With 77 more stripes plus a border and weaving in all those ends, I calculate it should take about 44 more hours. Given that I've also committed to training for our bike trip to to Cuba in January, it might take me a while.

Oh well, I'm thoroughly enjoying the process and I'm sure it will be perfectly amazing. I promise to share a photo when it's finally finished. 

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  1. I love the colours Beth and I am sure it will be lovely when you finish.

  2. You've chosen lovely colours. The recipient of this throw is going to be one lucky person, unless of course you love it so much tjat you won't be able to part with it lol. Diane Arthurs

    1. Thanks Diane and yes, lucky ME. I'm making this one to keep. It'll replace the more neutral fluffy blanket I made 3 years ago. My son will take the old cozy one so it all works out.

  3. The blanket will be lovely (does this mean more Nachos and cheese! haha)

    1. Perhaps I should have named it "Nacho Night ... Again" - my fav meal when I have better things to do than cook.

  4. Gorgeous colours! I had no idea you have to wind the yarn into balls first. I'm glad you're keeping this one for yourself! Can't wait to see the finished piece! - Nicole

    1. Thanks Nicole. Winding the yarn into balls is a choice and I prefer to take the extra time so I can work uninterrupted by snags and tangles. I will be sure to share a photo when I'm done.