Thursday, 27 August 2015

Niagara Weekend

We loved our weekend away in Niagara celebrating our 30th Wedding Anniversary. Our room at A La Gallarie b&b was charming and comfy. Breakfasts were delicious. We felt right at home with Diane, the owner. She and her friends were interesting and fun. We enjoyed chatting by the pool and late into the night on her back patio sipping wine.
After checking in and unpacking, we headed into town for lunch. Niagara-on-the-Lake is packed on Saturday afternoons in the summer, but we finally found parking and made our way to Grill on King where we devoured our delicious, but late lunch.
After lunch we shopped. My husband admired this car as it followed us into town and took a photo when he found it parked on the street. 

After shopping, we stopped at Balzac's for coffee. Our cups are sitting on one of our purchases, an oak turntable made from keg tops.
Next up, wine tasting at Reif Estate Winery then back to our B&B for a rest by the pool followed by dinner on the front porch overlooking the Niagara River - ahhh so comfortable and relaxing.
On Sunday, we were more ambitious heading out after breakfast to explore on our bikes. We rode the bike trails along the Niagara Parkway past Niagara Falls towards Fort Erie stopping for photos along the way.
We ended our day of riding with wine tasting and peach Sangria at Pond View Winery then headed back to our B&B for a swim before dinner.
After riding 95 km, our "swim" consisted of standing in the pool and snacking on cheese, salami and crackers leftover from Saturday. 

After snacks, we changed and headed into town for a proper dinner at Charles Inn HobNob Restaurant. We sat on the back patio with a lovely garden view and a cool metal sculpture - guessing it's a bearded collie. 
Since this was our 30th Wedding Anniversary, I wore my pearl earrings and necklace - the exact same set I wore at our wedding. You can see them in our wedding photos here if you look closely.
We ate duck for dinner and it was delicious. Afterwards, we wandered around town before buying freshly baked tarts and eccles cakes to share with Diane and her friends at our B&B. 
On Monday, we packed up after breakfast and headed back into town for a bit more shopping. The weekend crowds were gone, so shopping was much more pleasant. We also visited a couple wineries; Konzelmann Estate Winery and Creekside Estate Winery for tasting and buying.
We enjoyed the lunch special at Creekside - smoked honey garlic sausage. It was delicious and the ambiance on the patio was perfect.
What a great way to celebrate. Cheers to many more happy years. 
After our weekend in Niagara, we can easily imagine moving to Niagara-on-the-Lake and loving it. Who knows, maybe someday.

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Friday, 21 August 2015

Our 30th Wedding Anniversary

This year, my husband and I are celebrating our 30th Wedding Anniversary with a weekend at A La Gallarie b&b on the Niagara River Parkway. I love the photos and the Welcome page description for this Bed Breakfast. 

"A La Gallarie is an 1880's historic Georgian Manor. Our luxurious accommodations are located on the scenic Niagara River Parkway overlooking the Niagara River. This grand old estate is a perfect blend of then and now. Beautiful gardens, patios, porches and poolside lounging areas are so inviting for a cup of tea or a glass of wine. A perfect location no matter what your interests are. If it be dinner and theatre, shopping, wine or cycling tours or just plain relaxation, this is your place."

We're so looking forward to a relaxing weekend full of fun with biking, hiking, swimming, window shopping, good food and wine - so many of our favourite things. A fabulous time is pretty much guaranteed.

My husband and I married August 24th, 1985 at Huron College Chapel. I had just graduated with a Certificate in Science Lab Technology from Fanshawe College and was looking for a job. My husband was a full-time Engineering student at UWO and had worked all summer for London Public Utilities Commission (PUC) as a Groundskeeper/ Gardener at Storybook Gardens. We were in love and ready to commit to a lifelong journey together. Without really knowing what we were getting into or how our lives would unfold, we went ahead with our plans. 

When I look at these pictures, I see how very young and happy we look. We thoroughly enjoyed our wedding day. We felt all grown up and definitely ready. I wonder if our parents worried? 

Somehow we managed to work out our differences over the years and stay strong together. Our lives have been an adventure and never, ever boring. I'm so happy to be celebrating such a special occasion with the man I fell in love with all those years ago. 

I wish my husband a Happy 30th Wedding Anniversary with much love. Our adventure continues getting better and better. Life is Good. 

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Sunday, 16 August 2015

Meet Moe

Moe (aka Momo) is an Autism Dog Services (ADS) golden retriever puppy. He is about 10 wks old, 20 lbs and totally adorable. Our son's girlfriend, Cassie, has volunteered to raise Moe for approximately 12 to 18 months until he is ready for more formal service dog training with ADS trainers.
ADS provides service dogs for children between the ages of 3 and 18 with autism and related disorders in Central and Southwestern Ontario. 

Volunteer foster puppy raisers are responsible for taking ADS puppies out in public in their service dog jacket to expose the puppies to unfamiliar environments such as shopping malls, movie theaters, parks, playgrounds, buses, trains, grocery stores and also around people of different ages, and other animals, etc. The puppies must be exposed to all the sights, sounds and smells they might encounter as service dogs. Foster families are responsible for taking the puppy to routine veterinary appointments, but ADS covers the cost of veterinary care for all puppies in training.

Puppy raisers are provided with puppy food donated by Eukanuba and training equipment. ADS also provides puppy training and socialization classes at central locations for the foster families. Raising a puppy for ADS is a big responsibility. I can tell Cassie loves every minute of it.
Cassie picked up Moe on Tuesday. He is settling into his new home and loving all the attention. My Mom and I drove to Guelph on Saturday to meet Moe. Our son introduced us before taking Moe outside to play. 
Moe is even more adorable in person. He plays, eats, goes outside then sleeps. He's a perfect puppy.  
I'm so glad we got to meet Moe while he is still little. He is such a good boy, everybody is sure to love Moe.

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Sunday, 9 August 2015

Finally Visited the Elora Gorge

Yesterday, we drove to Guelph to deliver our son's cell phone which was finally fixed. I suggested we drive to Elora to enjoy some ice cream and hike the Elora Gorge, something I've always wanted to do.

Our son, his girlfriend and Kevin were excited to join us. Smile!
First stop - Elora for ice cream. We admired pretty flowers, pet cute puppies, posed with a pointing statue and fed a horse before finally finding gelato ... mmmm it was tasty and totally worth the wait. 
We walked around wondering how to get to the Elora Gorge. Finally we asked. It was easy to find, but we drove, as it was on the far western edge of town. We reviewed the trail map before starting our walk.
One of many signs "WARNING Deep Gorge" and our son being silly!
Message posted on the map ... "Please note that warning signs are posted throughout the conservation area regarding safety around the gorge. Exercise caution during your visit, and stay on the trails. Stay away from the edge of the gorge and do not climb over the fences." 

Step away from the edge kids!
 We found the Hole in the Rock.
 Tree roots on rocks look cool.
Our son's girlfriend poses ...such a pretty tree hugger. 
Our son finds another hole and channels his inner Gollum.
It is an easy climb down sturdy steps through the Hole in the Rock.
 Lots of people enjoy tubing down the Gorge. It looks like fun.
 People are wading, tubing and having a good time. We keep walking. 
Somehow we end up on the wrong side of the fence. Rather than walk back, we decide to climb over. Who knew it would be so difficult for me? My son tried to help while my husband stood back and took pictures.
Everybody was laughing. My words ... "Oh, oh. I'm stuck. Something hurts. Take my shoe off. Nope. Put it back on. Don't touch me!" I resisted help and finally made it over on my own. Phew.
Some of us walked the logs to stay dry and clean. 
After hiking at the Gorge, we thoroughly enjoyed our dinner at a new favourite Indian food restaurant Spice Roots. Our son and his girlfriend recommended it. Good Choice.
I'm so happy we Finally Visited the Elora Gorge. Thanks kids for joining in on the adventure and making it even more fun.

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