Sunday, 22 February 2015

Making It Up

A few weeks ago I found a really cute bunny pattern on-line and was thrilled to see it was available for free. I printed it before realizing the pattern included only bunny ears, tail and cross stitch rose design for the tummy. A basic hooded doll pattern needed to be purchased. 

At first I was disappointed then I decided it was time I tried just Making It Up. I have enough experience crocheting toys to make a variety of shapes. I figured I should be able to make a fairly good likeness on my own. For this doll, I started with the feet crocheting from the bottom up, writing the pattern as I worked. 
You may remember I shared a 'sneak peak' look at the body in this post. I finished the body before I took a break to cycle in Cuba for two weeks. Once I returned, I spent another week sorting through my photos and writing about the trip. If you missed it, you can read all about it here. The rest of my free time was taken up with unpacking, laundry and resting. Overnight travel, returning to bitter cold and jumping back into a busy work week zapped my energy. 
I was happy I finally felt ready to pick up my crochet this week and finish all the parts to make Bobo Bunny. I decided to use the Lalylala free pattern for the bunny ears and for the tail I will be making a fluffy little pom-pom. Bobo Bunny is not exactly the same as the Lalylala dolls but he has a similarly cute look. I especially love that I was successful at just Making It Up for a change. 
I still have to join Bobo's parts, add a face and make the tail but I couldn't wait to show you my progress so far. I think I'll finish Bobo Bunny then spend some time writing out the pattern this afternoon. It will be worth the effort as I plan to use my Bobo Bunny pattern again making small changes so every creation is unique. 
As always I will be sure to share photos of Bobo Bunny and his pattern once I finish. If you prefer to make a proper Lalylala Doll, the patterns are reasonably priced and available on-line. There are lots of cute options available. 

Blogger According to Matt recently purchased both the lamb and the fox doll patterns. He loved how the instructions were easy to follow and was very happy with his finished projects. I'm sure you won't be disappointed if you decide to buy one of the lovely Lalylala patterns.

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