Saturday, 15 November 2014

Fantastic Flea Market Finds

We visited the Western Fair Market today to stock up on food and order a fairy door from The Sidhe Ring on the second floor. 

We have a hole in the drywall of our basement with an unused clean out pipe behind vapour barrier. When we repainted our basement in the fall, we couldn't decide how to cover the hole so we left it. 

We also have unused water lines and a drain pipe sticking out of the wall a little further along. We think they were intended for a bar sink but there is no space with the current set up and we have no plans to install a bar. Even so we didn't want to cut the pipes so we left them.

I think both the pipes and the hole are a bit of an eye sore so have come up with a creative solution. The hole is to be covered with a custom crafted fairy door to add a bit of whimsy for our grandchildren when they visit. 
The artist at Sidhe Ring will add hinges to the fairy door so it opens and I plan to cover the opening behind the door with black felt so fairy messages can be left for inquisitive little ones.

Today we visited Memory Lane Antiques which is a flea market in London and I was very pleased to find a solid wood bar stool for only $10. I covered it with a pretty pink crochet doily (of course) and I love it. A perfectly simple solution for unsightly pipes.
You can see the drain pipe from this angle but it hides them quite nicely and also works as a side table. I expect it will coordinate well with the new fairy door. I will be sure to share a photo once it's done. 

I am also very excited with my other Fantastic Flea Market Find. It wasn't planned but was something I had seen on Pinterest and considered a cool idea. My husband laughed when I showed him but did agree it was cool enough to buy for only $15. What do you think of it? Isn't it the coolest old rustic wooden tool box?
It has flecks of paint and the wood is saturated in old oil. It's crooked and some of the nails have fallen out. It was exactly what I wanted for my table centrepiece. I've filled it with treasures and put it on display. 

I am more than pleased with my Fantastic Flea Market Finds today. Today was full of planning and play resulting in two blog posts. My perfect kind of day really.

Tomorrow I crochet and ride my bike. At least that's my plan. I just checked the calendar and we have only 10 weeks left to get ready for our bike tour in Cuba. Yikes, the count down has begun.

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