Monday, 1 December 2014

Miss Bonnie Blue

With my Christmas decorating done on Saturday, I made another crochet cutie on Sunday. Meet Miss Bonnie Blue with the beautiful blue hair, blue sweater and blue shoes. I think the name suits her, don't you?
I am not yet tired of making dolls from this free pattern and I hope you're not tired of seeing them fresh off my hook so to speak. There are just so many different ways to customize these cuties to keep them interesting. 

With Miss Bonnie Blue I added a full head of hair instead of a hoodlie with hair peaking out. I watched this Crochet Amigurumi Hair Tutorial video by Allison Hoffman of CraftyIsCool. Allison does a fabulous job of explaining the process. I made a blue cap to attach to the top of her head, then added yarn "hair" as described in Allison's video. 

I used a small ball of crinkly blue yarn left over from another project. Luckily there was enough to completely cover Bonnie's head. I trimmed the ends to be even at the bottom with long layers throughout which gives a more natural style. What do you think? Doesn't she look cool with her curly blue hair?

After posing for her photo, Bonnie rides the trike with Bobby on back.
Bobby and Bonnie enjoy riding while Izzy and Violet wait their turn.
Now that we have four crochet cuties I request a group photo. Bonnie is looking away in this shot.
This time Bonnie is looking while the rest look away. Group shots can be challenging.
One more pose looking up at Izzy, Violet, Bobby and Bonnie from below. This angle provides an interesting perspective, don't you think?
Miss Bonnie Blue is a welcome addition to the Crochet Cuties Club. I will be sure to keep you posted as this group grows. Although I may take a little break to work on other projects. Amigurumi is fun but requires tight tension which can be a bit of a strain on my fingers after a while.

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