Saturday, 20 December 2014

Crochet Christmas Balls

I was not planning to crochet anything for Christmas this year until I saw this free pattern for Crochet Bauble Ornaments posted by blogger Kate at Greedy For Colour. It's a perfectly quick and easy project. I call these ornaments Christmas Balls. I think Bauble is a term more commonly used in the UK but I may be wrong about that. 

I was especially pleased to find a use for the sparkly gold crochet cotton thread received a couple years ago from an elderly friend who no longer crochets. For the crochet balls, I am using both DK and worsted weight yarns and a 3.5 mm hook. For the top pieces, I am using sparkly crochet cotton thread and a 2.0 mm hook. 

You can see one completed ball and one half finished ball on the hook in my yarn bowl below. I tend to make a few balls then a few top pieces before sewing them together.
I decided to make one in every colour and have been slowly working on them for over a week now. I seem to have a lot of distractions these days so my progress is slower than normal. Still I have managed to make about a dozen so far, more than enough table favours for Christmas.
The tiniest pink Christmas Ball looks great hanging with the stars on our wreath in the dining room window.
As I work on a few more Christmas Balls this morning, this is the view from my crochet corner by the fireplace. I have my usual cappuccino and little booklet to check off row counts, both close at hand. The sunshine, crochet and cappuccino make me smile today.
My view looking straight ahead also makes me smile. I don't mean the messy basket of yarn, I'm referring to our cat. She has taken to resting in our Christmas napkin basket. 
It's funny because it's two sizes too small. I tried to discourage her but she persisted and sleeps here for a bit everyday after fluffing the napkins. I'll warn our guests but I don't really mind wasting a few napkins. I'm sure cat lovers get it. Who doesn't love to see a comfy contented cat?
I hope this peek into my quiet Saturday morning brightens your day just a little. Now I must get moving and get shopping. I would like to finish our errands so we can squeeze in a bike ride before dinner. Wish me luck. 

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