Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Blog-Worthy Meal

I bet you're wondering what could possibly make a meal blog worthy? For me, it's quite simple. This meal was made by my son and his girlfriend (best reason), involved a lot of ingredients, quite a lot of preparation, various pots and pans, plus it was delicious (next best reason).
Since I was not planning to write a post for this meal, I didn't take photos until near the end. I still managed to capture some of the preparation. 

Our son poses next to the chopped garnishes along with his refreshments of choice. A year at University has matured his taste in drinks.
I can tell you, my son and his girlfriend worked well together and the kitchen smelled amazing, making my mouth water with anticipation. 
To commemorate the occasion, I took some photos of the smiling cooks. They filled two huge pans with chicken enchiladas following this recipe found on the Food Network. 
My parents were invited to join us and brought dessert - white chocolate and cranberry truffle cake (not shown) - to complete the menu. Too bad my husband missed out as he was away in Toronto.
Once our meal was served, we all dug in to enjoy a truly tasty and definitely blog-worthy meal. Luckily my husband won't miss out entirely. There was one full pan of enchiladas and half a cake left over. 

We plan to enjoy the flavours of this Blog-Worthy Meal again tonight. 

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  1. It was a wonderful meal and Grandpa and I really enjoyed the food as well as the company and the wonderful walk afterwards.

  2. Just had my enchilada - a few days later, was super mega excellent