Saturday, 9 May 2015

Pot People and Magnolias

Both inspired smiles this week.

Our neighbour made some Pot People to adorn his bench. They're so cute and cheerful, I couldn't resist sharing. I smile every time I pass by now.
I love our magnolia tree, especially when it blossoms like it did this week. I asked my husband to take photos one morning. I was worried a pending thunderstorm might wipe out the blossoms before I got home. 

I had to laugh when my husband sent me his photos this morning. This is our magnolia tree. Can you see it? 
I do love his closeups though.
Luckily our neighbour captured our magnolia in full bloom a couple days later and sent me these photos this morning. That's what I was expecting. 
I love her closeups too. Magnolias are beautiful for such a short time.
I also love the contrast from just six weeks ago. It's truly amazing.
Pot People and Magnolias - two things to inspire smiles this week.

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  1. Hey I gave you 10 photos to choose from :-)

    1. I loved your closeups. The rest featured the Audi TT more than the magnolia which made me chuckle. Not quite the shot I had in mind. Thanks though for the comic relief.

  2. Great reasons to smile Beth. The pot people are very cute.

  3. He could market those pot people - ingenious! The magnolias have lasted a little longer this year than some years. Nice shot of the TT!