Sunday, 17 May 2015

Little Lambs

A friend from work moved to a farm west of London earlier this year. He and his wife adopted five sheep, two pot belly pigs, a dog and a rooster. Quite a menagerie. 

When he told me two of their sheep had lambs last week, I had to visit. I bottle fed and raised two lambs on my grandparents' farm when I was young. The first I named Twinkle; the second Frisky.   
These lambs are totally adorable. I'm not sure if they've been named yet. 
They stick together and nurse from the same ewe. One ewe has mastitis and is having trouble nursing, so the lambs also get a bottle.
The rooster and lamb size each other up. It's great to see how well all the animals get along. The bag of carrots I brought was enjoyed by both pigs and sheep alike.
This black sheep is the biggest and hungriest. She ate most of the carrots, then kept me busy picking lush green grass. She loved it all.
When we got in the car to leave, the rooster stood on the fence and crowed his good-byes while the black sheep watched. 

Don't worry, we'll be back. We'll bring our grandchildren. They love feeding animals too.

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