Friday, 15 May 2015

Brown Boo Bear

I finally finished Brown Boo Bear. I took a photo before joining his parts - body, arms, head, ears and tail.  
He was made using Bernat Alpaca Natural Blends yarn in tundra (brown) and natural (off white). This acrylic alpaca blend is both durable and soft - perfect for bears. 100 g of Chunky (#5) weight yarn does not go as far as worsted weight, so scraps wouldn't cut it this time. I bought two more balls (one in each colour) to finish.

Meet Brown Boo Bear. He poses showing off both his front and back.
Brown Boo Bear is 2" taller than Boo Bear. I used the same pattern and hook size, but chunky #5 weight yarn makes a much bigger bear. 
Despite their differences, these two are bound to be Boo Bear Besties.
A kind reader pointed out some errors in my pattern for Boo Bear. Stitch counts on a few rows in the body did not add up, but have now been corrected. I was thrilled to hear from somebody trying my patterns. She promised to send me a photo when she finishes which is very exciting. 

If you would like to make one too, you can find the pattern on my Free Crochet Patterns page here. Alternatively, you can jump straight to the pattern here.

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  1. Sorry, the top photo reminds me of the recent Sons of Anarchy episode where they sewed the head on different body to fool the "bad guys".

    1. Definitely not my intention, but I get what you mean.