Monday, 11 May 2015

Taste of Freedom

On May 1st, our son moved to Guelph into a house he will be sharing with five friends for his second year at University. Since rentals run May to April, he and a few others decided to stay the summer. 

They plan to get jobs and enjoy a Taste of Freedom involving fewer rules and more independence. They liked living in residence, but were ready to move on. Our son likened it to 'day care' for big kids. I get it.

Freedom for us means an 'empty-nest'. Once I learn to stop worrying, I'm sure I'll love this phase. There was no internet at the house and, since I don't own a smart phone, communication was limited. 

I got one anxious call the first weekend. Our son needed to turn off the water because the 'bath was broken'. I told him to call his Dad or his Grandpa then I sent an email to his landlord who was able to arrange for a plumber to fix the problem. Our son now knows how to turn off the water and how to contact his landlord if necessary. He's learning to cope and I'm learning to let him. That's the hard part.

I tried not to worry last week. It wasn't easy. Was he eating right? Will he get a job soon? How will he manage if he doesn't. We pay rent, tuition and books, but he has to cover his food and other expenses. More freedom means more responsibility. He's growing up.  

Finally by Friday, our son was back on-line and I was relieved to get the following photos. They have been shopping and they love cooking.
I was happy to see their delicious looking meals. They've got it handled.
So far there are three in the house, another stays once a week, plus another may be joining them soon. It will be a full house by September. 

Our son is still looking for work. Fingers crossed he gets something soon. His girlfriend who plans to be a vet someday is volunteering at two vet clinics and starts her paying job tomorrow.

They want us to visit. I'd love to. My husband is not keen as he will be in Guelph for work on Friday plus another day next week. He will drop by when he's there. I might have to drive myself if I want to see them. Maybe I'll take my parents. They would love to see his new place too.

For now, I am happy our son is enjoying a Taste of Freedom.

* * * * *
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