Sunday, 24 May 2015

Ellie Elephant Ta-Dah!

Just look at Ellie Elephant. Isn't she sweet in her frilly blue top? She lifts her trunk, flaps her ears and wags her tail with excitement.
Ellie looks a bit nervous meeting the whole gang even though they welcome her with open arms and smiles. It won't take long to settle in with such a friendly bunch in a basket.
Ellie was made from scraps of worsted weight acrylic yarn (Bernat Satin in Grey Mist Heather, Sapphire and Sandstone) and a 3.25 mm hook. 

I was running low on Grey Mist Heather and could find no more in London, so decided to add a blue (sapphire) top with a ruffle edging. 

Now that I see what's left, I think there might have been just enough to finish Ellie in grey. Oh well, Ellie likes her pretty top and so do I. 
When I finish writing Ellie's pattern, I will be sure to share and add the link to my Free Crochet Patterns page.

Update: Pattern for Ellie Elephant has been posted here. Enjoy!

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  1. Gorgeous Beth! Ellie is as sweet as can be, as all of your creations are!
    Beautiful work! C.