Monday, 13 April 2015

Sunday Curbside Scores

On Sunday, I scored a few items I have been hoping to find for a while. The best part is these things were left at the curb and totally FREE. 

Our son is moving out of residence and into an unfurnished house in Guelph as he will be living with five other students for his second year at University. He was very happy to get an oak pedestal table from my parents. Since they didn't have any chairs to spare, I've been thinking about how to get some to match. I even checked Kijiji with no luck.  

Yesterday, when I stopped by my parents' house on my bike, they mentioned seeing a chair at the curb around the corner and down the hill. Since I would pass it on the way home, I decided to take a look. 

It looked great, so I knocked on the door to make sure it was OK to take. When I explained it was for our son, she offered another from her garage which was great. Since I was on my bike, I rode back up the hill (tough after a riding 35 km) and borrowed my parents' car to get them. 

Tonight I brought the chairs home. With a good wipe down and new pads on the legs, they look terrific. I think our son will be pleased.
He now has two solid wood chairs to match the table. How great is that? 

I'm not done yet. It must have been my lucky day yesterday.

When I got home after my bike ride, I took the dog for a walk around the block and found a really good high chair at the curb. The owners said it hadn't sold at a garage sale and was too big to fit in the car to take away. Luckily it was on wheels and just across the street from our house, so no trouble to take home.

The high chair was a bit sticky and dirty, but cleaned up beautifully. It is a commercial grade Rubbermaid high chair with an adjustable tray and wheels. It even has a safety strap - a perfect chair for our granddaughter when she visits this summer. 
It only took a bucket of soapy water, a few rags and some scrubbing to turn these curbside finds into treasures tonight.

When you put your intention out to the Universe, and watch for opportunities, it's amazing what shows up. I am really pleased with my Sunday Curbside Scores. 

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  1. Keep looking Beth - we always need more car and bike parts. In particular I'd like some 18x9 inch alloys with 5/112 mm bolt pattern preferably 10 spoke, but I'm not too choosy if they are free (better still with winter tires)

    1. You're so funny, trying to pass 'your' wishes off as mine ... the Universe knows the difference. Keep watching for deals.

  2. John says 'well done' - he knew the curb side was the place to look!

  3. Yes, as they say someone else's trash is another persons treasure.

  4. You guys r great! And funny! 😀