Saturday, 25 April 2015

Crochet Kitty

After my Crochet-Free Week, I was ready to get back at it. This time I crocheted a Kitty using beige and blue worsted weight acrylic yarn and Patons Divine icicle white chunky yarn from my stash. 

Crochet Kitty poses to show off her pointy ears and long tail. Isn't she cute in blue and white? I chose blue partly because 'blue point' is an actual cat colour and partly because I have lots of blue in my stash.
Crochet Kitty joins the rest of the gang and feels right at home. 

am slowly filling the basket with critters made from my stash. I wonder how many more I can make? I could probably continue making critters for the rest of the year with the pile of yarn I've accumulated which makes these both economical and practical.

I did buy another bag of stuffing this week as critters use quite a lot.

I also have to buy another 3.5 mm Addi hook as mine broke when I pulled too hard on snagged fluffy yarn. I expect this hook was flawed as breakage is not a common problem. I love using Addi hooks and still recommend them as a good ergonomic option. Gauge is not that important with toys, so I just switched to a 3.25 mm hook to finish.
I will be sharing a pattern for this Crochet Kitty in a separate post, hopefully soon.

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