Sunday, 26 April 2015

Scored Four More

I'm talking about chairs of course. A couple weeks ago I wrote about my Sunday Curbside Scores including two free chairs for our son who is moving into a house in Guelph with five other students. He liked the chairs, but needed four more to complete the set.

Last weekend I Scored Four More at a yard sale in our neighbourhood. These chairs cost just $10 each and the nice young man running the yard sale offered to deliver them for free. I was walking the dog, our car was not at home and I had brought no money, so I gladly accepted his offer.

Our son likes these chairs better than the other two even though they are not nearly as sturdy.
My husband spent some time gluing the loose bits and replacing some screws. One chair is missing a support piece which he might try to fix.
He also removed the original metal and rubber feet then stuck on thick felt pads to prevent scratching the floor.
I was happy to have Scored Four More wooden chairs for our son. Now I can stop looking for furniture bargains. My job is done. 

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