Sunday, 5 April 2015

Easter and Crochet Space

I thought it might be nice to share a peek into my current crochet creation space along with some photos of my Easter decor. My parents hosted Easter dinner yesterday, so my decorating has been last minute and minimal.

I put away our Christmas wreath and white crochet pumpkins yesterday. Yes, I know it's late. All this snow and cold weather has not inspired spring decorating. Nevertheless, I finally got around to it. I think it's simple, sweet and season appropriate.

Our spray-painted white pine cone wreath is still covered in colourful crochet stars, but I replaced the snowman, Christmas bauble and skates with a pink fluffy bunny and blue egg.
Our dining table centrepiece still has pine cones and walnuts, but the white pumpkins have been switched out for colourful eggs. 

Our little hall table is topped with crochet chicks in egg cups surrounding a painted clay bunny our daughter made in high school. I love this Alice in Wonderland bunny she made for us.
I also filled a bowl with Cadbury's Mini Eggs (no photo) to add a bit of colour to our mantle. That's it for Easter decorating at our house. Like I said, it's simple and sweet.


Would you like to see where I spend a good chunk of time these days? Our living room has become my favourite crochet creation space over the winter. The lighting is good, seating is comfy and I can leave out my stuff without disrupting our 'living' space.

I'm not sure how most houses operate, but our living room was totally underutilized. I could have called it our "cat, dog and clothes drying rack" room before I took it over for crochet. 

This weekend I rearranged the furniture so it's even more suited to my needs. I switched the love seat and piano which works perfectly. I have coffee and crochet to my right, laptop in front and Sadie to my left. 
My crochet supplies are stored throughout the house, but I like to keep my current project supplies and tools readily available by my side.
I like the piano on this wall. We can see it from the hallway and there is more room to walk past because it does not stick out as far as the love seat. The crochet cover on the bench was made for my husband's sub-woofer but found a new home when he complained.
I sit across from the sofa and closer to the coffee table which is nice.
That striped cushion is strategically placed on the sofa for our cat. She loves to curl up on it. I vacuumed the cushion yesterday, but as you can see, it's completely covered in fur again. I may have to buy new cushions for outside this year.
Our clothes drying rack works well in front of our window above the furnace vent. I use it all the time. I think everybody should have a clothes drying rack in their living room. Don't you?
I also like sitting across from this little table with a collection of old family photos; my grandparents' wedding photo, my husband's grandmother and my husband as a wee child. The children dressed as angels are just a card I liked, no relation.
When I pan out, you can see a basket of dog toys . I like to keep them in the basket; our poodle likes to take them out.
I have plans to remove the heavy drapes and change the yellow walls to something more neutral, but that can wait. For now, this room is comfy and cozy and out of the way which is perfect for me and my crochet.

I don't think it's absolutely necessary to designate a space for creativity, but it sure is nice and I feel lucky to have it. What do you think? Do you have a special craft or creativity room? Does it help boost your creativity?

I do hope you enjoyed reading about my Easter and Crochet Space and that you have a Happy, Fun-Filled Easter.

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  1. You've had a busy morning - I like the re-arrangement of the furniture...

    1. Thanks. I rearranged the furniture yesterday but took photos today.

  2. Very nice Beth but I keep my clothes drying rack on the lower level as we use our living room all the time. I love the Easter decorations.

    1. To each his own ;-) Thanks, I really loved seeing all your decorations yesterday.