Sunday, 19 April 2015

Crochet-Free Week

This week I decided to take a break from crochet. I am happy with my latest projects, but four critters in four weeks including posts and patterns is rather a lot of time spent sitting. Besides the weather has finally improved, it's perfect for biking and spending time outside. 

This week, I rode my bike to work every day except Monday. You can read all about my commute hereI have a really great route and love making exercise a practical part of my day.

This week, it was warm and sunny. The nice weather prompted me to wipe off our patio furniture, pull out a couple cushions and sit outside with my husband after work sipping wine, relaxing and enjoying the almost-like-summer feeling. Only one more month, before we open the pool and fill our pots with plants. Don't you just love summer?
This week, tulips (a gift from my In-Laws) blossomed into gorgeous red and yellow blooms adding a welcome burst of colour to our windowsill.
This week, we loaded our Santa Fe with an oak pedestal table and leaf, two chairs, corner desk and bean bag chair. Luckily everything fit for the trip to Guelph on Saturday.
Our son will be living in this house with five other students for his second year at University. His official move-in date is May 1st, but his landlord allows furniture to move in early. The house is a back split and much bigger than it looks from the front. 
The table and chairs look great in the kitchen. The toilet and 'fire-safety' steps behind the table will be moving to the basement bedroom and bathroom. The boxed wood flooring is also destined for the basement. The landlord is doing a super job with renovations. There are six bedrooms, three full washrooms and a large kitchen and living room. Our son looks happy already. 
This week was a Crochet-Free Week. I did not crochet at all, but I did sort through my stash. I still have a lot of yarn for making toys - all sorts of various colours in both DK and worsted weights. 
I also have mixture of chunky, fluffy yarns. Fluffy yarn is challenging to use, but I do like the look of toys made with it. With my yarn sorted and organized, I'm finally ready to decide on my next project.
It'll be another critter for sure. I like cats, so maybe a fluffy cat would be nice. What do you think? Should I make a cat? 
Upon reflection, our Maggie thinks that would be 'purrr-fect'. As always, I will be sure to share photos and possibly a pattern when I finish.

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  1. Looks like a nice house and the table fits in and looks great.

    1. Yes, it's very nice. They'll be quite comfy there.