Sunday, 25 May 2014

Sunday Morning Crochet

I am thoroughly enjoying this beautiful warm sunny Sunday morning. First I took the 'girls' for their morning walk around the block. When we got back, I couldn't resist taking a photo of this nesting cardinal in our blue spruce. She is difficult to capture as she is much more nervous and flighty than the turtle dove her neighbour one branch down. I think this is a pretty good shot considering I was balancing on a kitchen chair and holding the camera above my head. 
I fed all the girls (Maggie, Sadie and Minnie) before taking this photo then I quickly tidied up the kitchen and folded a couple loads of laundry before heading upstairs to finish another crochet Baby Dragon. Crochet and cappuccino ... perfection.
For fellow crafters who might like to make this dragon, the free pattern by Marjorie Jones can be found here. This is the third dragon I have made. The first was done using Bernat Handicrafter cotton yarn and was given to my grandson. The next two were made using 100% wool yarn Lopi Lettlopi. I like the look and feel of wool yarn for the dragons but must admit I find it difficult to join the pieces. Wool yarn is rough and tends to fray and break as it is pulled through the tight Amigurumi style stitches. I recommend either cotton or acrylic yarns for crochet toys as you'll have a much easier time joining.

Here is the latest baby dragon completed using two different colours of wool. 
I like the way these baby dragons look done in wool. I also like that they have a nice rough 'dragony' feel if you know what I mean.
While I work, my fur friends keep me company. Minnie who is blind and deaf takes the best spot beside me while Sadie perches on the back of the sofa. Aren't they cute?
I was surprised to find our other 'girl' Maggie sleeping under a corner desk in a cozy bed. Our 'girls' like their comfort and know how to relax.
Now that I've finished the dragon and shared the photos, I think it's time to get outside and enjoy this beautiful weather. My bike and my husband are calling. He was slow to rise as he was suffering from a nasty neck/head ache this morning. He tells me he feels much better now thanks to extra rest and drugs. I wonder if we'll venture further than the 60 km we did yesterday? 

I hope all of you are enjoying this beautiful Sunday as well.


  1. Nice day! Beautiful "girls"!

  2. Good read Beth and of course I really enjoyed the pampered pets pictures.

    1. Thanks and yes they are pampered. We found 4 'old' burgers in the freezer yesterday. Instead of tossing them, we did them on the bbq for the dogs. They get a few pieces with each meal and love it. We had sirloin burgers but didn't tell them.