Sunday, 18 May 2014

The Dress Fits

As mentioned in a previous post, I made an aqua dress which was much too big for my little crochet mouse. To fix this dilemma I made a bear using a free pattern by Yellow, Pink and Sparkly found here. As promised, here are some photos of Betty Bear along with instructions for those of you who might like to make one too. 

I think Betty Bear turned out rather well. She is 8" tall which is perfect for little hands. The dress fits yet is loose enough to remove and also fun for little hands.
To crochet Betty Bear, you will need to make the following alterations to this free pattern offered by Yellow, Pink and Sparkly:

I used Bernat Softee Baby yarn in white and aqua for the bear and black acrylic worsted weight yarn for the eyes, nose, mouth and feet. Hook size 3.25 mm

Instead of working stripes on the bear, the first 6 rows of the body are done using aqua to form matching panties for the dress. The body of the bear is crocheted in the round meaning the rows are not 'joined'.

The arms and head are worked in the round in plain white.

The legs are worked in black for the first 5 rows to make shoes. I followed the pattern for the right foot then made a left foot by switching the beginning and ending stitch count for rows 5 to 7.

So for the left foot, use the following instructions:
R5 - 1 ch, 1 sc into next 11 sc, [sc2tog] 4 times, 1 sc into next 7 sc. Sl St into 1st sc (22 sc)
Switch to white
R6 - 1 ch, 1 sc into next 11 sc [sc2tog] 2 times, 1 sc into next 7 sc. Sl St into 1st sc (18 sc)
R7 - 1 ch, 1 sc into next 10 sc [sc2tog] 2 times, 1 sc into next 6 sc. Sl St into 1st sc (15 sc)
Continue working in round with white to end of R15.
Switch to aqua
Last 3 rows worked in aqua to make matching shorts/panties for dress.

It is Victoria Day weekend here in Canada. I hope you're all having a great time. I am happy to have finished another project. Another toy to add to my stash.  

I haven't decided what I'd like to make next.  Oh well, it's time to take a break and enjoy some fresh air before it rains.


  1. Cute bear - love the dress colour - almost makes we want to take up crochet - (only almost!)

    1. Thanks. If you change your mind, I have extra hooks and lots of yarn in my stash.