Sunday, 18 May 2014

Turtle Dove and Puppy Love

I have two bits of exciting news to share. At least I think it's exciting, but then anything involving baby animals is exciting to me.

A Turtle Dove is nesting in the blue spruce in our front garden. The dove sits on the nest at eye level on the outer branches and does not seem to be the least bit bothered by me peering in every time I walk by. The dove has been facing tail side out until today. When I saw her facing me I just had to take a picture. I think Turtle Doves (aka Mourning Doves) are lovely birds. Doesn't this one look amazing?
They have been nesting for about a week so I expect there will be babies in another week. Apparently the mortality rate can be as high as 69% for the young but they can raise up to six broods in a season to compensateI hope these babies survive. 

If you would like to know more about this pretty bird, Wikipedia provides encyclopedic quality information here

The other bit of exciting news as you may have guessed involves a puppy. Our neighbour picked up a gorgeous 10 week old bichon/poodle puppy from the London Humane Society today. They called her LOLA short for Lots Of Love Always. Isn't she adorable? I get to spend a whole day with her next weekend because our neighbour has tickets to a game in Toronto. It'll be so much fun. I can't wait. 
My husband took the photo above and my son took the action shot below. Our neighbour is so happy to have a puppy to love again. Run Lola run.
I predict Sadie our poodle and Lola are going to be great friends. Our son has an open invitation to visit and play with the puppy any time he likes. My Mom has already volunteered to be Lola's sitter. I get to cover next weekend because my parents will be in Boulder visiting their Great Grandchildren.

So that's my exciting news for today. Time to make dinner then relax for the evening. I'm looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow as it's Victoria Day holiday in Canada - bonus. What are you enjoying this holiday weekend?

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