Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Boulder Bound Belongings

A couple months ago my parents started planning another cross country driving trip to Boulder for the end of May. As soon as they mentioned it, I started gathering stuff for them to take to my daughter who has young children and can make use of things we no longer need. I love it when belongings stay within the family but are useful instead of just taking up space. This is my favourite way to declutter.

This glider rocker was a gift to me when I had my first child, our daughter. It was well used but not abused as it always sat in a corner of a bedroom first as a nursing chair then a reading chair. Most recently it sat in a corner of our seldom used spare bedroom in the basement. I moved this chair to the front hallway on Monday night where Maggie promptly took ownership. She slept on it all night and most of the day as far as I can tell. 
Maggie was our daughter's cat who got left behind when our daughter moved out. I wonder how many parents inherit their children's pets? Actually Maggie is attached to our home and our son so it hasn't been so bad keeping her. I tell myself that as I scoop her litter, vacuum massive amounts of cat hair, wipe paw prints off the stove before each use and clean up yet another coughed up fur ball. Despite all that, we really do love having her around so Maggie stays. Only the chair goes along with a few other things I gathered together.
Our daughter wanted to have our children's books so I gathered together four boxes full. I kept a few for when they visit plus a few my son specifically requested. My daughter can sort through the boxes and donate any she does not want. I am also sending her guitar, guitar books and music stand. The bag on the right is full of Halloween costumes we collected over the years. I thought they should have a 'dress up' box for the kids. The other bag is full of bits and bobs; a crochet blanket (not made by me) to add to our grandson's 'nest', special dolls that belonged to our daughter, a couple hoodies I no longer wear but will fit our daughter and a hand-made sun dress for our granddaughter.
My parents piled everything in the back of their SUV with plenty of room to spare for their luggage and extra gifts. I wonder if I should have packed more? No, I think that's enough for now. That's it for our pile of Boulder bound belongings. 

My parents left this morning (Wednesday) and expect to arrive Friday morning. They could do it in two days but prefer to arrive when everybody is awake and ready to start the day. I wish them a safe trip and a happy visit full of cuddles with their beautiful great grandchildren. I hope they take lots of pictures to share and I look forward to hearing all about it when they return.

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