Monday, 2 June 2014

Synchronicity in Action

According to Wikipedia, "Synchronicity is the experience of two or more events as meaningfully related, where they are unlikely to be causally related. The subject sees it as a meaningful coincidence." A more detailed Wikipedia definition of synchronicity can be found here

I think we all experience synchronicity in our lives all the time. The trick is to notice and celebrate it. Life becomes much more interesting when you do. I would like to share a meaningful coincidence from my life that happened as recently as Friday.

It all started with a grade 8 graduation class photo from 1977 posted on Facebook (FB) a few weeks ago. The photo generated a lot of comments from people who were either in the photo or knew somebody in the photo. This wasn't just any grade 8 class photo, it was my grade 8 class from Biddulph Central School near Lucan. That's me in the middle row 7th from the left.
I have lost touch with most of the people in this photo except for a few through FB recently. A couple ladies from my grade 8 class are organizing a reunion. The date has been set for Saturday, September 6th. They have started a FB group to share information and have asked for help in spreading the word to those who are not on FB. 

I started thinking of my friends from way back then. I remembered one friend in particular Tracy Norton (middle row 6th from the right). We started Biddulph at the same time in grade 5 and remained friends right through high school and college. My husband and I went to her wedding 24 years ago but then lost touch. We had already moved to Toronto and had a baby by the time Tracy married. When we finally moved back to London 13 years ago I just never bothered to look up any of my old friends. Life seemed busy enough with kids, work and family.

After all this time, I wasn't sure how to contact Tracy. I couldn't remember her married name and FB searches came up empty. Then my parents remembered her husband owned a meat market and deli. They couldn't remember his name so I did a Google search and came up with this. Of course, Jim Chioros is his name and he owns Western Meats and Deli with two locations in London. 

I tried calling the Deli to get Tracy's number but Jim was not available. Since the Hamilton Road location was right around the corner from my office, I decided to stop by for lunch on Friday and hoped to see Jim at the same time. As luck would have it, Jim was working in the Take Out trailer. I ordered a chicken souvlaki sandwich which was very tasty and Jim graciously gave me Tracy's number. It turns out they had just celebrated their 24th Anniversary a week ago. I was very happy to have her number and was looking forward to calling her some time soon. 

Since our son was was away for the weekend and my husband and I were both ready to relax on Friday night, we decided to go to Dolcetto for dinner. We heard it was good and Friday was a beautiful night for a dinner date. It was sunny and warm and finally feeling like summer. We thoroughly enjoyed our dinner. Our server was attentive and friendly and the atmosphere was upbeat and fun. It was very busy and getting late so we chose to sit inside instead of waiting for a patio table. 

As we sat eating our meal, I remember looking around at this large restaurant full of people and saying to my husband that I didn't recognize anybody. Imagine seeing all those people and not knowing anybody in a small city like London? You're probably wondering what all this wining and dining has to do with synchronicity, well let me explain.

As we were finishing our meal, a lady walked by our table to sit on the patio. We didn't really get a good look but both thought it must be Tracy. Can you imagine my surprise? Once we settled our bill, we headed out to the patio and I was delighted to find Tracy and Jim sitting out there. She really hasn't changed. I love her energy and bubbly personality. I told her about the reunion and got her business card so I can keep her up to date on the details. 

Just one more funny coincidence, when their meal arrived I was surprised to see they had ordered the same as us. I think we'll have to make an effort to get together some time soon. I can tell we'll have fun.

I love noticing synchronicity in action both in my life and in the lives of people I know. So tell me, what meaningful coincidences have you noticed lately?


  1. So if you see the wiki on "The Police" and "synchronicity" you find my first intro to the term - that 1983 album. I can remember the high school aged Beth who liked the music but had never heard of the band. Here is the first line about the album from those days so long ago:
    Synchronicity is the fifth and final studio album by The Police, released on 1 June 1983. The band's most popular release, it includes the hit songs "Every Breath You Take", "King of Pain", "Wrapped Around Your Finger" and "Synchronicity II". Much of the material in this album was inspired by Arthur Koestler's The Roots of Coincidence, which is what the title and album's concept is based on. It was their second album to bear an English language title after their 1981 album Ghost in the Machine which was also inspired by another of Koestler's books. At the 1984 Grammy Awards the album was nominated for a total of five awards including the prestigious Album of the Year and won three. At the time of the album's release and following its immensely popular tour The Police were hailed as the "Biggest Band in the World".

    1. Some things never change. I recognize the song titles but would not have remembered the band name. It's a good thing you're around to remind me.