Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Snowy Owl Hats

I was trying to decide what to make for our grandchildren when I found this free pattern for Snowy Owl Hats created by blogger Sarah at Repeat Crafter Me. It was perfect. I made two - one for our youngest grandson (6/12 months size) and one for our granddaughter (2/4 years size). 

I love how they turned out. Aren't they just the cutest Snowy Owl Hats? 
Our daughter assures me this hat was a great choice as our granddaughter is totally into polar bears and snowy owls at the moment. So much so that she asked for snowy owl and polar bear costumes for Christmas. How exciting is that? I can't wait to see her face when she gets her new hat.

If you would like to make one too, check out Sarah's free pattern here. You're sure to have a hoot if you do. Smiles from meo my crochet.

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