Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Crochet for Christmas

There are so many fun things to Crochet for Christmas. I would love to make more, but settle with choosing a few of my favourites given limited free time leading up to Christmas. 

This year I made five Christmas Gnomes plus a few festive things for our table. I wrote about the Christmas Gnomes here if you missed it.

For our Christmas table, I made cork hot pad covers in festive Christmas colours using Bernat Handicrafter Holidays Christmas yarn. I made four hot pad covers total - two 8" and two 7". 

I love how they look a bit like Christmas mints.  
If you're looking for a quick and easy crochet project, this free hot pad cover pattern by blogger Atty van Norel is perfect. 

Note: For the 8" hot pad, I increased for six rows then worked three more rows without increasing to stretch over the edge. I made the 7" hot pad exactly the same except increased for only five rows. 

To complete our Christmas table I made rustic Christmas tree ornaments crocheting stars, hearts and a maple leaf using jute twine. I thought they would make pretty table favours to attach place cards. 
I followed free patterns by blogger Linda at Craftaholics Anonymous for the hearts and stars. For the maple leaf, I followed this free pattern by blogger Michelle at The Painted Hinge

With one small ball of jute I managed to make seven stars, nine hearts and one maple leaf - more than enough. 

The maple leaf was for our daughter who lives in the US and maintains a sentimental attachment to the maple leaf as a symbol of Canada. Hearts were for gals and stars for guys. Initially, I had written our list of names and assigned hearts to guys and stars to gals. Our 7 year old grandson found the list and switched it around scribbling out my symbols and drawing new ones below ... so sweet he noticed and cared.

I took a couple photos of our Christmas tables ... ready and waiting to feed fifteen for dinner. I like to think my Christmas crochet creations added a personal touch not readily available everywhere. 
Merry Christmas with love and smiles from meo my crochet.

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