Sunday, 3 December 2017

Love My Djembe

When I was growing up I did not consider myself to be musically inclined. I couldn't carry a tune and never played a musical instrument. Yet I love dance, movement and drumming. I especially love primal tribal beats. 

About a year ago, I looked into getting a Djembe (pronounced "JEM-bay") thinking it might be fun to join a drumming circle. I watched videos and practiced on an empty bin, but with no real drumming knowledge, I couldn't decide what to buy. Plus I wasn't sure if I would enjoy it enough to justify the cost. In the end, I decided to wait ... still interested, just not actively looking.

Last weekend, one of our favourite local artists Mary Louise White hosted an Open House showcasing her new glass sculptures. In July, Mary Louise returned from Australia where she spent five months completing her Graduate Certificate in Visual Arts at the ANU School of Art and Design, concentrating on casting glass. We love Mary Louise's artwork, so were excited to see her new sculptures. 

My husband and I had a fabulous time at Mary Louise's Open House. There were so many beautiful pieces, we easily spent two hours admiring everything and chatting. I also noticed a few Djembes with price tags, so asked and was thrilled to discover Mary Louise used to teach drumming. She was selling her drums now that she no longer teaches. 

I trusted her advice picking my favourite from the few she was offering. It is a mahogany and goat skin 13" Djembe made by Joe Platz, a teacher, drum maker and performer from Massachusetts. It is beautiful and sounds absolutely amazing. I Love My Djembe and practice almost every day.  
When I am not using my Djembe I keep it tucked away in this green canvas bag to protect it from our cat. Maggie may look sweet, but her sharp cat claws could do serious damage to a Djembe. Thanks Mary Louise for this Djembe and handy-dandy storage bag ... so much appreciated.

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