Monday, 4 December 2017

Crochet Zebra

Early in July, our daughter sent me a photo of this toy zebra. The one shown below for $14.99. Our oldest grandson was totally into zebras and would love if I could make him one. 

An extensive Google search for a free crochet pattern turned up absolutely nothing. Since creating a pattern from scratch would take more time and since not a lot of crochet happens here in the summer anyway, I added this to my list for later. A zebra would make a perfect Christmas gift if I could figure out how to make one before then.
By the time I was ready to make a Crochet Zebra for our grandson, I was thrilled to discover a free pattern had been shared later in July by one of my favourite bloggers Sarah at Repeat Crafter Me

I made a few changes to Sarah's pattern so my zebra would look a little more like the one above. Her zebra was made with gray and white stripes and a loopy mane in solid gray. My zebra sports black and white stripes with a spiky mane in black and white to mimic the stripes you would see on a real zebra. I reversed the ears so the black is facing forward, used buttons instead of safety eyes and added a little red scarf with a fluffy black, white and red fringe in keeping with the season.

This Crochet Zebra made with love for our grandson was happy to pose for photos. I think he looks quite dapper in his red winter scarf. Don't you?
If you would like to make a Crochet Zebra, you can find Sarah's free pattern here

This scarf is super simple to make too. Crochet a starting chain in a length that looks about right (determined by wrapping it around the neck) then work eight rows of slip stitch. Work the first row of slip stitch into the back bumps of the starting chain (to create a nice edge) and the remainder of the rows in the front loops only. For the fringe cut 6" strands of yarn in red, black and white and knot them in four groups of three strands (one of each colour) along each end. Use a wire brush to fluff the fringe on the scarf and the tail too. And there you have it ... easy peasy.

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  1. Great - I'm sure Mavid will be very pleased with his gift.