Sunday, 3 July 2016

Weekend Celebrations

This weekend we celebrated Canada Day on Friday and our son's 20th birthday on Saturday. Both celebrations involved lots of good food, good company and good fun. 

Last year, we attended my parents' neighbourhood Canada Day party. It was so much fun, we were happy to join in again. This year the party featured a pig roast for the potluck dinner. It took ALL day to roast an 80-lb pig over an open spit charcoal barbecue.
When it was time to carve the pig, a few of the men pitched in.
The rest of us stood around watching and sampling ... very tasty pork.
Our dog Sadie savoured a chewy piece of pig skin.
Once the pig was carved, it was carried over to the food tables set up in my parents' driveway. Dinner was delicious. We all sat around eating, drinking and chatting while the kids played happily together.
Everybody dressed in red for Canada Day - even the dogs. 
We admired pictures from last year's event. The mix of people changes a bit year-to-year, but the core theme of food, fun and good cheer remains. My parents have truly terrific neighbours. I love spending time with them.

* * * * *
On Saturday, we celebrated our son's 20th birthday with a family dinner ... more wine, food, good company and laughter (always lots of laughs). See how our son over-filled my glass? I posed being careful not to spill.
On the menu - bbq steak, fried mushrooms, oven roasted baby potatoes (with butter and Parmesan), and two kinds of salad (Caesar and Mexican).
Birthday gifts are fun and very much appreciated especially if it's a beer-toting backpack cooler filled with beer.
Two cakes (German chocolate cake and caramel brownie cheese cake) ... both yummy.
Feeling full after dinner - the 'boys' took a refreshing dip in the pool.
Our summer is off to a good start. We thoroughly enjoyed our weekend celebrations with friends and family.

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  1. It was a great weekend and we always feel lucky to live in such a great neighbourhood. Wonderful dinner last night Beth & Lee. We love spending time with family and it makes our day to spend time with Paul.