Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Happy 20th Birthday

Our son celebrates his 20th Birthday July 2nd. Me oh my, how time flies. 

We used to live in Toronto. Our son's early birthdays were celebrated both at home and in London with family. Most of our old photos are kept in albums, but we're missing a few years from when we moved to London and transitioned to digital.  I can't find photos from his 5th, 6th or 8th birthdays. Let's assume they are safely stored in a box someplace. 

I thought it might be fun to travel back in time with photos I found from birthdays past. I hope you enjoy this visual journey down memory lane.
1st Birthday Pooh Bear Cake (London)
1st Birthday "Day Of" Cake (Toronto)

2nd Birthday Barney Cake

3rd Birthday Tractor Cake

4th Birthday

7th Birthday Soccer Cake

9th Birthday - Decorated Door for Party
9th Birthday Pool Party

10th Birthday - movie and lunch with friends
 10th Birthday dinner and cake with family

11th Birthday - Grand Bend for lunch and beach party
 11th Birthday Dinner and Cake with Family

12th Birthday (home-made) Oreo Cheese Cake

13th Birthday Cake

14th Birthday Cake (same as 13th B'day cake)

15th Birthday Cake

16th Birthday
 Friendly competition with his Uncle

17th Birthday - decorated his own cake
 Giant Nutella Love

18th Birthday - Graduated High School, looking forward to U of Guelph

19th Birthday - two cakes 
Drinking legally now.
Our baby boy has grown into a young man in the blink of an eye. We wish him a Happy 20th Birthday with a year full of fun and adventure.

We're looking forward to celebrating our son's special day this weekend. Best wishes with lots of love always from Mom and Dad.

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  1. Nice to see these pictures - I'm sure we must have the missing years' photographs - just a matter of where to look!

    1. I was too impatient to get this posted to take the time to 'dig' further. I'm sure they're around someplace.