Thursday, 14 July 2016

My Happy Birthday

I've said it before - I love celebrating birthdays with family. This year for my birthday, my parents invited my in-laws and us for dinner. 

I can cook, but tend to resort to quick snacks most nights. We keep plenty of essentials on hand - nachos, crackers, grated cheese and hummus plus home-brewed wine and beer. It works for me and my husband doesn't complain too much. 

Eating a proper dinner mid-week was a special treat for my birthday.  My parents are fabulous cooks. They served barbecue beer can chicken, roasted baby potatoes, green beans, sweet corn on the cob and chocolate mousse cake. Everything was delicious. 
I blew out my candles while everybody sang Happy Birthday. 
I opened gifts. Look what my husband gave me - dark chocolate with sea salt (1 kg), a rechargable flashing red light for my bike, Kahlua and a new suitcase weighing only 3.5 kg - all perfect choices. My parents and in-laws gave me money to buy whatever I like. I will enjoy figuring out what to get.

I also celebrated reaching a personal blog goal of sorts. Two weeks ago with total pageviews on my blog sitting at 94,444, I realized it might be possible to reach 100,000 by my birthday. My blog is not monetized, so 100,000 is just a number I consider big enough to be cool. I mentioned it to my son and daughter, made a wish and crossed my fingers.

The day before my birthday, I received 250 pageviews bringing the total to 99,466. I would need another 534 pageviews on my birthday to reach my goal. It wasn't looking good.

Miraculously with 805 pageviews on my birthday yesterday, I was surpised and thrilled to surpass my goal. I don't know what caused this sudden jump in traffic, but it sure made my day.

Thank you to my parents, in-laws and husband for making my birthday special. Thank you to my son and daughter and friends for all My Happy Birthday wishes. I would also like to thank my readers for helping me reach my goal of 100,000 total pageviews by my birthday. 

What a wonderful way to celebrate My Happy Birthday.

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