Saturday, 23 July 2016

First Car Love

Our son bought his first car this week. He got a 2007 Toyota Matrix XR hatchback with automatic transmission and 211,000 km. It has a few small scratches and dents, but is mechanically sound and runs like a charm. Our son is head-over-heels in love with this purchase. 
He named his car Shakira. Why Shakira? Because her hatchback makes a great booty. Hugging Shakira is tougher than you might think. Our son has fun posing with Shakira. His smile says it all. He's truly in love.
Our son appreciates Shakira's reflective side. His Dad spent hours with a polisher to make her shine and look her best.
 His Dad explains how to keep Shakira happy.
First Car Love is real. I expect it has to do with mobility and freedom. I imagine our son will enjoy many happy adventures with his Shakira.  

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  1. My first car was a Volvo of unknown vintage. Probably 1970 or so, it drove well, burned a lot of oil (1 litre per few thousand km), had crappy white enamel paint that I hopelessly tried to polish, and a 4 speed manual tranny that had a shift lever like the one on our school bus (a foot long). It was great!

    The Matrix is a whole new level of coolness without "sophisticated gadgets". I replaced the 10 y old PCV valve today and it was simples. Everything is easy to get at and fix on this car. At 10 y old it has virtually no rust. Cool.

    Not quite a Z4 or TT but a lot simpler and very cool to drive.

    1. And with your many, many years of car maintenance experience, it should keep going for a long time. Nice to see you both bonding over this 'new car' thing.

  2. Your first car is so much fun, enjoy.

  3. I'll never forget my first car, a 2002 Chrysler Concorde LX. I used to joke to my friends that the LX "stood for luxury", and that I was already driving a luxury sedan as a teenager! I've heard good things about the Matrix, and with a name like Shakira you know it's going to attract a lot of attention.