Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Introducing Blue Bunny

I finally finished Blue Bunny last night but waited to take photos in the daylight after work. Unfortunately it is cloudy today, so the lighting is not the best. At least you can see how cute he looks. I think little Levi will be very happy with this gift from his Auntie. 

My free pattern for Blue Bunny can be found at the bottom of my last post and my free pattern for Bobo Bunny can be found here. I have already started making another Bunny in flannel (light grey) using the Blue Bunny pattern. I hope to finish in time to take it to Boulder with me. My Mom and I leave in just 10 days from now. 

I am very excited about seeing our grandchildren, so yes, I am counting the days. Hopefully this project will help keep my mind off the waiting. 

Allow me to properly introduce Blue Bunny for Levi. I've included photos showing his front, two side views and back. I also posed Blue Bunny and Bobo together so you can see their differences more clearly. I like both of them but Blue Bunny is probably my favourite so far. What do you think?
Bye-bye Blue Bunny. Take care and have fun with your new pal Levi.

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1 comment:

  1. They get better with each iteration. Bye Bye Blue Bunny.... have a great life.