Saturday, 28 March 2015

Crochet Chicks for Easter

Yesterday blogger Lucy at Attic24 shared a free crochet pattern for Mini Chicklets. They are so adorable, I couldn't resist making a few. 

Lucy added embroidered flowers to the front of her chicks. I prefer a simpler look so just omitted that step. I made four chicks altogether: one bright blue, one light blue, one yellow and one cream. What do you think? Aren't they simply sweet?
I think I'll stop at four as it's a perfect number for our grandchildren - two chicks each are easy to count and fair to share. I also like that these chicks are tiny and fit in a small envelope. Yes, I'm "cheep, cheep, cheep" when it comes to postage.

My daughter tells me they will be in California for Easter so these chicks will make a nice surprise when they get home. I love thinking of our grandchildren having fun opening their gift. I hope they enjoy their Crochet Chicks for Easter half as much as I enjoyed making them. 

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  1. Very cute and I'm sure Mavid and Evelyn will love them.

    1. Thanks. Although with the real thing in their back yard, they may enjoy opening the package more than playing with toy chicks.