Sunday, 15 March 2015

Bunny Buddies' Travel Tale

Bobo and Evie Bunny are over-the-top excited to be moving to Boulder. Finally the day has arrived. They wake up early Saturday morning, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and ready to travel.

The rest of the gang snuggles safe and sound in the suitcase but Bobo and Evie Bunny are thrilled to be traveling on board with Grammeo and GG.
They remember to pack their blankets to keep warm and cozy. 
It's time to go. Bobo and Evie Bunny hop into their travel pack. Evie Bunny giggles with delight and grabs Bobo's arm. Traveling is fun.
Their travel companions, Grammeo and GG are excited too although a bit weary being up and out the door so early. It's dark and foggy and it's March Break. Let's hope it doesn't take long at the border.
Bobo and Evie Bunny cuddle up inside their travel pack to rest and keep warm until they get to the airport in Detroit.
Making good time with no line at the border. It looks like it's going to be a great day for travel.
Grandad dropped us at the airport by 8:10 a.m.  We checked our luggage and got through security by 8:30 a.m. It was amazingly quick and easy. Grammeo and GG think they should travel with Bunnies more often. 

We sit and enjoy our coffee while Bobo and Evie Bunny hop out to stretch.
They love the view from their travel pack. It's a great way to travel.
 Another traveler at the coffee shop has a posh pack for her little Buddy.
Grammeo wants the Bunnies to smile for a group photo before we head off to explore the airport.
 Bobo pokes at Evie Bunny and gets into trouble.
GG takes over so Grammeo can keep an eye on the Bunnies. The Bunnies like this shop. They point at the cute chocolate bunnies on the table.
GG tries on the fancy headsets so Bobo does too. Evie Bunny thinks he looks funny.
Now that we've wandered from one end to the other and checked out the shops, we stand at our gate and wait. Bobo makes silly faces.
GG gets out a bunny sticker book to show the Bunnies. They like it.
Evie Bunny and Bobo hop along by the windows watching for the airplane.
How exciting. There is the airplane and look - there is Grammeo's suitcase at the bottom of that big pile ready to be loaded.
The Bunnies hop back in their pack and get ready to board. They are so excited to be going on an airplane for the very first time.
They find a seat and introduce themselves to the nice man by the window.
Then Bobo and Evie Bunny head to the front to meet the pilot and co-pilot who are busy conducting a pre-flight check. The Bunnies keep quiet so as not to interrupt this very important task.
The Bunny Buddies can't believe their luck. They actually get to meet both the pilot and co-pilot and have their photo taken as proof. How cool is that? Southwest Airlines truly have the nicest pilots.
Back at their seat, Frank Gregory lets them look out the window. He has eight grandchildren and is very good with Bunnies. We learned Frank is a flight instructor at Macon Thomas Flight Academy and is heading to a graduation ceremony in Denver for six young women who officially become pilots tomorrow. 

Frank divides his time between the flight academy and his photography studio in Detroit. He also loves to travel so is an interesting and fun person. We feel so lucky to have chosen to sit with Frank. With Southwest Airlines, your boarding pass provides a numbered spot in line but seat selection is open - a very efficient way to board a plane.
 The Bunnies settle down for drinks and snack time.
When they get a bit restless, we go for a walk and chat with a very nice flight attendant. She let the Bunnies try out the flight crew seat and she let them pose for a photo with her. Southwest is definitely one of the best airlines with the best crew. 
Almost time to land. Bobo and Evie Bunny hop into their pack to hide. They don't want to spoil the surprise.
All wrapped and ready to meet their new family in Boulder.
Smiles, hugs and kisses. Bobo is happy and Evie is too. It's been a very long exciting day so it's time to say good-night to little bunnies, boys and girls. Good night All.

These Bunny Buddies are Here to Stay.
They LoVe to Cuddle, Laugh and Play.
They LoVe Boulder. They LoVe Sun.
But most of ALL, They LoVe FUN.


I hope you've enjoyed the Bunny Buddies' Travel Tale. If you would like to make Bunny Buddies just like Bobo and Evie Bunny, check out my "Free Crochet Patterns" here. Evie Bunny was made following the pattern for Blue Bunny. You can read all about her creation here.

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  1. The bunnies had a very exciting day and met some accommodating airline crew and passengers! Nice welcome to Boulder.