Sunday, 8 March 2015

Greg Curnoe Poster Love

I am so pleased with the latest additions to our wall art. 

We have always loved Greg Curnoe's colourful paintings. I especially love that we knew Greg and rode together with the LCW all those years ago. Recently, I was excited to hear Sheila Curnoe might have some of his bicycle posters available for sale. Even though our walls are fairly full, I contacted her right away and went over to take a look.

The poster turned out to be his Mariposa 10-speed on a beautiful blue washed background. It was exactly the sort of poster I was hoping to find so I bought it and figured I would find a place to hang it later. 

The bike is a perfect poster to adorn our wall in the stairwell leading to the basement. We had cleaned and painted this area in the fall but had not gotten around to decorating the walls.
Since we were cyclists and friends, Sheila also threw in a copy of The Camouflage Piano poster. She pointed out a a flaw in the background words which prevented her from selling it. I love it as well and the colours are perfect for the sitting area outside our guest room in the basement. 
We had the posters framed at Staples using Plak-It with a simple white edging and no matting. I like Plak-It because it is reasonably priced, sturdy and a simple solution for posters.

So what do you think of our new additions?  I just love our new Greg Curnoe posters. They are colourful and fun and just what we needed to brighten our basement.

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