Friday, 18 May 2018

Special Yarn

I bought yarn to make a baby blanket for our niece who is expecting her first baby this summer. Our niece mentioned the nursery is decorated in grey and white chevron and one of her favourite colours is teal.

I splurged and bought Special Yarn for this blanket - four hanks of Berroco Ultra Alpacca in grey and one of Gems 100% Merino Wool in teal. I love the look and feel of this fine super soft Special Yarn.
I am making a grey baby blanket with a teal heart in the centre all worked in puff stitch. To imagine how this might look I took a photo showing teal in between two skeins of grey. I love this combination.
Using Special Yarn which comes in skeins requires extra preparation. First I rolled all the skeins into balls by untwisting the skeins, draping them over the back of a chair then rolling each ball by hand taking care not to tangle. Next I wound the balls into 'cakes' using my handy-dandy yarn ball winder. I wrote about that gadget here if you missed it.
I have finished winding all but one of the balls and started working on the blanket. I practiced the puff stitch making an Infinity Scarf in March. You can read about that here if you missed it. 

Unfortunately, two months passed after finishing the scarf before starting the blanket. My first attempt was abandoned after four rows as it was too loose and sloppy. My second attempt was neater with tighter, smaller stitches, but too short. I started over yet again adding four extra puff stitches to the length. Thank goodness my third attempt was just right. 

I have since worked through one skein completing 34 rows so far. Since this baby is due June 29th, I need to get moving. The clock is ticking with only six weeks to go. Fingers crossed I get it done in time. 

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  1. What a lovely choice of colours, Beth! Looking forward to seeing the result. I bet everyone is thrilled to have a grand-baby in London.

    1. Yes we are all very excited to meet this baby n a few weeks time.