Friday, 25 May 2018

Graduation Celebration

Last night my husband, Mom and I drove to Kitchener to attend a banquet at Conestoga Place to celebrate the Pre-Service Firefighting graduating class of 2018. Our son was graduating with this class.

He surprised us a couple years ago when he announced he wanted to train to be a Firefighter. We knew little about Firefighting except that it seemed like a lofty goal and potentially dangerous. 

Luckily our son loves the physical challenges and training required to become a Firefighter. He is motivated to keep working step-by-step towards his ultimate goal of a career in firefighting. We are proud of our son's courage to Dream Big and Work Hard to reach his goals. 
Our son posed beside the student helmets displayed at the front of the hall. We counted eighteen helmets ... one for each graduating student.
  He pointed out his helmet ... bottom row near the end.
My husband took a photo of us all at our table with bright sunshine in the background. He took another from across the table.  
And one more photo showing a close-up of the note on our table favours ... cookies shaped like fire hydrants we think.
A note for our son: We had a good time at your Graduation Celebration ... an accomplishment worth celebrating. Congratulations and best of wishes with all your next steps. We love that you are enjoying the journey. 

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  1. Congratulations Paul - We're very proud of your accomplishments