Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Our Mother's Day

While Mom was away visiting a friend last week, my husband and I bought a few bags of mulch and carried them down to her backyard. Some might consider mulch an odd gift, but I know my Mom and she was predictably pleased with such a practical present.

For the past few years I have taken Mom to Starbucks for our Mother's Day treat. This year after our lattes (coffee for Mom and matcha for me) we enjoyed a relaxing stroll to the Sifton Bog pond where we found four fluffy babies had hatched ... so sweet.
Our Mother's Day celebrations this year also included a trip to the beach. My husband's brother invited us to join them for dinner at their cottage aptly named Lasting Memories Cottage
We bundled up for our walk on the beach as the breeze was cool.
Looking for beach glass, fossils and stones ... such fun.
Yellow forsythia covering the banks ... so pretty.
Writing in sand "Happy Mother's Day 2018" ... so right.
After our walk, we sat soaking up more of the afternoon sunshine, sipping our drinks and enjoying the view.
The breeze was still chilly, so my Mum-In-Law layered on blankets making us all laugh with her 'ready-for-the-nursing-home' reference.
After a 'busy' afternoon at the beach, we enjoyed a delicious dinner prepared by the Dads. Carrot cake professionally made and decorated by my talented sister-in-law was served for dessert ... so scrumptious.
I am so grateful for this special day spent with family and love that our Mother's Day was full of sunshine and smiles. 💕😊🦋

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  1. What a great day that you enjoyed with family. Happy fore you.

    1. Thanks Elizabeth ... hope your day was special too.

  2. I did love my Mother's Day gift and 20 bags of mulch is more than just a few. I also had a lovely Mother's Day thank you so much.