Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Three More Lambs

I am slowly working through my stash making mostly lambs. Here are Three More Lambs I made this summer.

This pink fluffy yarn was challenging because it is difficult to find the stitches amongst the fluff. I used a 4 mm hook with this chunky yarn making a slightly larger little lamb. She is quite sturdy on her feet. 
This brown lamb was made using chunky wool. Wool is difficult to use because it tends to fray and break when sewing the pieces together. Also I ran out of brown wool, so switched to a similar looking wool in purple. I like how this switch created a dapper little lamb wearing purple pants.
This little lamb was made using worsted weight acrylic yarn. He is slightly smaller than the other two yet cute as can be.
These three lambs loved posing for photos. I followed this free pattern for each little lamb, but using different yarn weights and colours completely changes the look. Each little lamb is one-of-a-kind ... special and unique.
I hope you're not tired of seeing my little lambs because I started another using different colours. I promise to share photos when done.

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