Tuesday, 29 August 2017

A Doll Named Blanca

This summer I have been working entirely with yarn scraps. I made this little doll for our granddaughter from my stash. I think the yarn is DK weight, but can't be sure because the ball bands were missing. 

This crochet doll is special because her head turns side-to-side. She even has a cute little nose, ears and belly button. I kept her look simple using off white yarn for the body and off-white crinkly yarn with a hint of rose for her long curly hair. This doll stands about 7" tall.

I showed my daughter this picture asking for name ideas. She suggested "White". White wasn't quite right, but when I heard one of our summer students from Spain was named Blanca, I knew THAT name was perfect.

Introducing a Doll Named Blanca. Isn't she cute modeling her simple summer romper? Blanca twirls around to show off her outfit. Her top sports a green button closure with a green ribbon decorating the bodice. I used a matching green ribbon to gather her long hair into a pony tail.
Blanca can stand, twirl, sit and even climb trees. Our granddaughter is sure to have lots of fun with Blanca. I think she will love her to bits.

I made Blanca following this free pattern by blogger Beth (another blogger named Beth!) at By Hook, By Hand. I am impressed with Beth's skills and all the intricate details she incorporates into her dolls. If you're interested in making dolls, do check out her site. She shares lots of free patterns and tutorials. Her work is absolutely amazing. 

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