Thursday, 31 August 2017

Our Anniversary Getaway

We celebrated 32 years of marriage this past weekend with an overnight stay at the Breadalbane Inn (pronounced "bruh-DAHL-bun") in Fergus. We drove there after work on Friday taking our Z4 convertible since the weather promised to be clear and sunny.

We started our evening with a complimentary glass of Prosecco. It was lovely sitting by the fire pit on the patio sipping on 'champagne' whilst contemplating 32 years together. We thoroughly enjoyed our dinner of bruschetta and pizza with red wine. After dinner, we returned to the fire pit with our wine where we chatted with a nice young couple enjoying an evening out while their 1-yr old stayed home with Grandma.
The next morning we enjoyed a leisurely breakfast at the Inn while reading the weekend newspapers. Actually I read the comics, it's my husband who reads newspapers. 
After breakfast, we checked out of the Inn before strolling along the main street (St. Andrew St. W) in Fergus and along the river to see the sights. I was hoping to find a dairy free matcha tea latte - my brew of choice now that I no longer drink coffee. There were plenty of quaint little shops worth exploring but no matcha tea lattes. 
Our next stop was Elora where we found two shops serving matcha tea lattes. Elora is more touristy and popular so I wasn't surprised. We spent the afternoon happily wandering around town shopping plus relaxing with lattes and free wi-fi in cafes.

We were pleased to find these cool new squashy hats made of kangaroo leather and mesh. These hats are comfy, cool, sun protective and squash down for easy packing ... perfect for travel.
We also bought a beautiful round glass art piece similar to, but smaller than, the one in the photo below at Hanscomb Glass Studio. We hoped to hang it in the opening between our kitchen and family room and were thrilled to discover it fit perfectly. It makes me smile every time I look at it hanging there ... such a treasure.
After scoping out all the restaurants in town, we made reservations at the Elora Brewing Company where we met our son for dinner. It turned out to be a good choice - the food was delicious. My husband took this snapshot at the restaurant. He claimed I looked like an Argentine cow herder ... funny I don't see it.
We thoroughly enjoyed Our Anniversary Getaway ... so totally relaxing and rejuvenating.

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