Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Rainbow Cloud Ripple Stripe Blanket

On Saturday I finished another blanket for our grandson due to arrive in August. This "Rainbow Cloud Ripple Stripe Blanket" was made using yarn left over from my Granny Stripe Rainbow Cloud Blanket. You can read all about that blanket and the "rainbow cloud" naming reference here
I spent the morning sitting on the floor in front of my laptop sipping on cappuccinos and darning in yarn ends for all those stripes before starting on the border. I mention "sitting on the floor" because I crocheted both of these blankets almost entirely from the floor. 

You may have heard me talk about floor-sitting before. Over a year ago, I discovered Katy Bowman and her theories regarding more natural movement. I wrote about healthy floor-sitting hereI thought crocheting while floor-sitting would be impossible for me. I was wrong. It took almost a year of practicing floor-sitting at home, but finally I can sit comfortably and crochet too. Persistence pays off.

I was happy to see the weather had cleared by the time I finished the border. I stretched out the blanket and took a few photos while the sun was still shining then went for a nice long walk to stretch out my legs.
I love the ripples of rainbow cloud colours randomly arranged to create this Rainbow Cloud Ripple Stripe Blanket. 
I spread out both blankets for comparison. You can see this ripple stripe blanket is smaller and more colourful than the Granny Stripe Rainbow Cloud Blanket. I tried to mimic the rainbow clouds concentrating all the colours at one end with bands of each colour appearing among the white and grey ripples at the other. 
I can't pick a favourite ... love them both. I especially love how these Rainbow Cloud blankets coordinate so well together.
Both blankets are folded, packaged and ready to go when we visit in September. It seems a long way off ... four months to be exact. Yes I'm counting. Anticipating a new baby in our family is very exciting indeed.
To make this blanket, I followed instructions provided by blogger Lucy at Attic24 called "Ripple Blanket Know-how".

Technical details for this Rainbow Cloud Ripple Stripe Blanket are listed below for the crocheters out there who might like to make one too. 

Starting Chain - 143
Finished Size - 34"x43" (multi-use size blanket)
47 stripes
94 rows
Border - 3 rounds
Time to Complete - Approximately 18 hours (10 mins per row + border)
Hook size - 4 mm

Yarn Used (Light #3 weight):
  • Patons Beehive Baby Sport (100 g/3.5 oz)
    • Baby Grey (1 ball)
    • Vintage Lace 
    • Angel White (1 ball)
  • Bernat Softee Baby (140 g/5 oz)
    • Soft Fern 
    • Aqua 
    • Soft Red 
  • Red Heart Baby Hugs (127 g/4.5 oz)
    • Lilac 
I made this blanket using yarn left over from my last project - the Granny Stripe Rainbow Cloud Blanket - adding 1 more ball of Baby Grey and 1 ball of Angel White (brighter white than Vintage Lace) to the mix.   

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  1. Your work is beautiful, Beth, and it is a pleasure to read about the planning and the process.Thanks for sharing!

  2. Lovely colour combinations....

  3. your talents come from grandma brown love it