Monday, 8 May 2017

Little Lamb for Liam

After making two blankets for our grandson due in August, I decided he should have his very own hand-made toy too. I finished this Little Lamb for Liam on Sunday. Isn't it absolutely adorable?

I love this Little Lamb with it's bumpy, bobbly textured head and body ... perfect for little hands to grab, cuddle, squish and toss about.

This Little Lamb posed for photos on Sunday while the sun shone. It has been raining non-stop for a week, so sunshine was much appreciated.
If you would like to make a cute Little Lamb just like this one, you can find the free pattern here designed by blogger Ashleigh at Sewrella

I used yarn from my ever-growing stash for this project. A couple friends gifted yarn to me recently, enough to cover a table in our dining room. There are various odds and ends not identified with ball bands. I am not really sure what any of it is, but have sorted it by colour and plan to make more toys since gauge is not important.

I wonder how many toys I can make from this pile? I should gather all my yarn to see how much I have altogether. I expect there is enough to keep me crocheting for a long, long time - years even. I must say that thought appeals to my sensible, frugal side.

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  1. It is a very cute little lamb and I am sure the baby will love it.