Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Daisy Doll

Introducing Daisy Doll - crocheted using my Sunflower Doll Pattern and leftover, worsted weight, acrylic yarn in green, off-white, white and yellow with a tiny bit of black and pink for her eyes and mouth. 

Choosing appropriate names for my creations is a huge part of the fun for me. I named this doll Daisy because of her white "daisy" petals. 

Daisy Doll posed for photos on Friday after work while the sun shone. Isn't she adorable with pretty white petals framing her sweet smiling face? She twirled around to show ALL of her sides - front, back and side views too.
Little Lamb joined Daisy for a few fun photos. See how Daisy Doll towers over Little Lamb. Daisy Doll easily rests her hand on Little Lamb's head.  
Daisy Doll and Little Lamb snuggle comfortably in the basket with Pink Piglet, Lucy Lamb, Stash-Buster Bear (brown) and Boo Bear (grey). 

Stash-Buster Bear is another recent addition made from, you-guessed-it, leftover yarn. I plan to tell more about him in a separate post. 

In the meantime, I continue to crochet at no cost to me using yarn from my stash. Watch for more cuties made by meo my crochet coming soon.

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