Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Festive Holiday Housewarming

Our niece and her husband married and moved in together in October of this year. To celebrate and share their new place with family and friends, they hosted a Festive Holiday Housewarming Open House on Sunday afternoon. We were excited to visit and see their new home.

Their house is spacious, welcoming and nicely decorated. I couldn't resist taking photos of some of the festive features decorating their home. 

A basket of delectable mint smoothies greeted guests at the front door.
I love their snowman Advent calendar counting down to Christmas. 
This whimsical stripey hat atop white fluff is adorable and Christmassy.
A string of lights and Christmas stockings create a festive fireplace.
Their Christmas tree looks spectacular. Our niece was pleased with this garage sale find including a handy-dandy storage bag for only $20.
Our niece's Gramma (our Mum) helped with prepping food for the party. There were so many tasty treats being served. 
Our niece's Mom was busy in the kitchen prepping even more food. 
I love this hand-sewn button Christmas tree decoration made by a friend. 
My husband sampled from an assortment of yummy sweets. The red licorice was labeled "Twiz the Season". Love the word play.
Our niece and her husband - the newlyweds - paused to pose for a photo.
Many thanks to our niece and her husband for hosting a fun and festive Holiday Housewarming. 

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  1. It was a lovely holiday housewarming and I know that we really enjoyed it.

  2. Good selection of pictures - great housewarming event!