Monday, 12 December 2016

Back to Crochet

I stopped crocheting in May when I started sitting on the floor to improve functional strength and flexibility. I wrote more about my reasons here if you're interested. I still believe more natural movement and floor sitting are important for longterm health and mobility. Unfortunately, I cannot crochet properly while sitting on the floor.

I also cannot read books or watch TV for any length of time from the floor. It is way too uncomfortable for me even after months of practice. A couple months ago, I relaxed my rules around floor sitting to read books and watch TV in the evenings. Reading and TV are pleasant pasttimes, but do not satisfy my creativity. 

A week ago I finally felt like buying new yarn. I wanted to make simple cotton dishcloths to build up my supply of hand-made gifts. I bought three large balls of Bernat Handicrafter cotton yarn in white, off white and fruit punch (mix of purple, blue, green and white). I decided to crochet despite the risks associated with sitting for extended periods. 

It took me a week to work through one ball of white yarn. I made seventeen dishcloths with very little yarn left over. Twine wrapped around two folded dishcloths makes a practical little gift for Christmas or any other occasion. They look pretty with our whimsical Christmas elf.
It takes me about an hour to make just one dishcloth including weaving in the ends. That's 17 hours of crochet in a week and a lot of extra sitting.

I plan to carry on making dishcloths with these two remaining balls of yarn before completing this little crochet doll I started months ago. Progress has been slow because of my self-imposed floor-sitting rule. 

I am happy to be Back to Crochet on my comfy cozy couch despite the hazards and associated risks.

My favourite easy-to-make dishcloth pattern is provided below in case you might like to make some too. Word of warning though, crochet can be addictive and possibly hazardous to your health.


Supplies Used:
Bernat Handicrafter Cotton Yarn
5.5 mm crochet hook
yarn needle

Stitches used:
ch (chain)
sc (single crochet)
flsc (front loop single crochet)
blsc (back loop single crochet)

Starting chain - 25

R1 - sc in 2nd ch from hook (24) 
Note: I like to crochet in back bump of starting chain as shown here.
R2 - ch1 turn, sc in 1st sc, flsc, blsc (repeat across), sc in last sc
R2 - ch1 turn, sc in 1st sc, flsc, blsc (repeat across), sc in last sc
Continue until dish cloth is square (fold diagonally to check)

Border: sc around, 3 sc in corners, finish off and weave in ends

Finished size: 7" x 7"

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  1. Looking good Beth and remember most things in moderation will do you no harm.

    1. That's the problem. I don't do moderation well.